The privacy evaluation questions are organized by category and section. Additionally, each question has a two-word description label around the outside of the radial graph below.

The relationships between each question are shown by connected lines between each two-word description that represent shared legal obligations of both Federal and State law.

If you mouse over any of the two-word descriptions on the outside of the radial graph they will appear in black and display a pop-up of their related evaluation question. When you do this, you will see some questions get highlighted in green or red. A green link indicates a "parent" relation. A red link indicates a "child" relation. If you click the two-word description you have highlighted, you can navigate to the full evaluation question and learn more.

Child links to questions are dependent on the question you have selected, because they require your selected question to be answered first before they can be answered. For example, before the "Data Acquired" question can be answered, you must first determine whether or not data is collected at all from the "Collect PII" question. Therefore, "Data Acquired" is a child link for the "Collect PII" question.

Moreover, parent links to questions are dependencies for other questions that require they be answered before your selected question. For example, the "Collect PII" question is a parent link to the "Data Acquired" link, because you must first determine whether or not data is collected, before you can determine whether or not it can be acquired from other sources or shared.

To see this example, mouse over the "Collect PII" question label, below. You will see green parent links to other question labels that would need to be answered beforehand. In addition, you will also see red children links to other questions that indicate if the "Collect PII" question is required to be answered, then those questions that share the same legal obligations will also be required.