Security Concerns

Privacy and security are intertwined, and security is the foundation of effective individual privacy. When evaluating whether to use a smart device or mobile app at home or in the classroom, parents and teachers need a comprehensive understanding of both the privacy and security practices of a smart device. To create a truly comprehensive evaluation process, the Common Sense Privacy Program combines a full, in-depth, 150-point inspection of the privacy policies of a product with a hands-on security assessment. The result is the most comprehensive privacy and security evaluation of a smart device or application aimed at children and students currently available.

The Privacy Program conducts a hands-on basic security assessment of the ten most critical security practices around the collection of information from a smart device and from a mobile application, and the transmission of information between the device and the app. In addition to a basic security assessment of the ten most critical security practices of a smart device, the program created a full, 80-point inspection of the security practices of a smart device and mobile application.

The following five "Smart Tech" evaluation concern categories comprise ten basic security questions that illustrate the diverse security-related questions used to complete a basic security assessment of smart tech devices:

1. Data Sharing


  • Social Media Accounts

  • Third-Party App Store

2. Device Safety


  • Privacy Protecting Controls

  • Social Interactions

3. Account Protection


  • Strong Password

  • Child Age Gate

  • Parental Controls

4. Device Security


  • Data Secure

  • Ads & Tracking Requests

5. Software Updates


  • Updates Available