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Vendor requires parental consent managed by School, Vendor self-defines as School Official, Used with Under 13
Privacy Policy
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What's This?
Evaluating safety takes into consideration best practices that protect a user's physical and emotional health.
What's This?
Evaluating privacy takes into consideration best practices that protect the disclosure of a user's personal information.
What's This?
Evaluating security takes into consideration best practices that protect the integrity and confidentiality of a user's data.
What's This?
Evaluating compliance takes into consideration best practices of companies that collect personal information from children or students and the legal obligations for the privacy and security of that information.
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The privacy evaluations have been designed with the help and support of a consortium of schools and districts across the United States. These evaluations are designed to streamline making an informed decision about the potential privacy implications of educational technology used to support teaching and learning. The bars in the evaluations are not a measure of absolute safety or risk rather, they suggest areas to be considered and examined as part of using the application.

Our core evaluation criteria are freely available, and will remain freely available. People are encouraged to read the questions we use and the information security primer we released. Vendors are encouraged to use our questions and the information security primer to self-evaluate. You can also learn more about our evaluation process.

Please be in touch with any questions or feedback.

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