Privacy Evaluation for 123 learning games for kids 3+

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123 learning games for kids 3+ can be accessed at the following locations: Apple App Store, website, and Google Play Store. Please read the Privacy Policy for more information. The following policy was used to evaluate 123 learning games for kids 3+. This evaluation only considers policies that have been made publicly available prior to an individual using the application or service.


This product received a Warning rating based on the following details:
  • Personal information is not sold or rented to third parties.
  • Unclear whether personal information are shared for third-party marketing.
  • Personalised advertising is displayed.
  • Data are collected by third-parties for their own purposes.
  • Unclear whether this product uses a user's information to track and target advertisements on other third-party websites or services.
  • Unclear whether this product creates and uses data profiles for personalised advertisements.

This type of evaluation is a Quick Rating which is meant to help parents, educators, and consumers make quick decisions about privacy. Quick ratings can help answer one of the most important privacy questions about a product, which is whether the company is making money from your data. Quick ratings display a Pass, Warning, or Fail badge with icons for answers to each of the rating questions. However, a Quick rating does not display an Overall Score, or Evaluation Concerns, which requires one of our more comprehensive privacy evaluations to compare products for use in different contexts.

About Privacy Evaluations

The privacy evaluations have been designed with the help and support of a consortium of schools and districts across the United States. These evaluations are designed to help educators make informed decisions about the potential privacy implications of educational technology used to support teaching and learning.

Our core evaluation criteria will always be freely available. People are encouraged to read the questions we use and our information security primer. Vendors are encouraged to use our questions and the information security primer to self-evaluate. You can also learn more about our evaluation process. Please be in touch with any questions or feedback.