Privacy Training

The Common Sense Privacy Program provides training for both vendors and educators on privacy and security best practices and how to use and interpret our privacy evaluation results.

Protecting Student Privacy: For Teachers

  • This 45-minute interactive online course for educators introduces the topic of student online privacy and offers concrete best practices for managing the risks to students. It includes specific tools and methods for assessing the privacy and security of products commonly used in the classroom, and it will support teachers in mitigating the risk of student data being compromised.

Vendor Privacy Training

  • This 11-minute presentation provides training for vendors on the Common Sense privacy evaluations, use of the policy annotator, our transparency questions, scoring methodology, and more information about our published evaluations. In addition, there is a Training Guide that provides all the information provided in the video presentation in an easy-to-read format with links for more information.

Educator Privacy Training

  • This video series provides training for educators on the Common Sense privacy evaluations, use of the policy annotator tool to complete evaluations, how to answer transparency questions, understand the evaluation results, and much more.