Privacy Direct

Looking for a new application, service, or other edtech tool for your school or district?

Reviewing all the available information about a tool's privacy practices is an essential but complex step in the vetting process. With Privacy Direct from Common Sense, gain deeper insights and a more personalized understanding of edtech tools and their policies. Learn how you can access complete privacy evaluation data for hundreds of products—so you can search, sort, and make decisions about the privacy concerns that are relevant to you. Click below to learn more about this product and how to get started today!

After downloading the tool you have several options for navigating all the privacy direct data. Each product we evaluate contains close to two hundred (200) unique privacy evaluation data points. With this rich data we are able to calculate overall evaluation scores for each product and break-down each overall score into concern categories with specific scores for several evaluation concerns. Privacy evaluation concerns are categories of questions organized by the most important and easy-to-understand privacy practices in order to quickly evaluate the particular strengths and weaknesses of a product and how that application or service compares to similar products.

Product Information

The first group of privacy direct data points relate to general information about the product and its privacy evaluation to help you quickly filter and sort products that meet your needs. These data points comprise unique product identifiers, website URLs to view the evaluations online, and dates the evaluations were published and reviewed for any policy changes. In addition, the status of any outdated policy changes are indicated, along with the product's rating, and the type of evaluation (basic or full), with overall scores. There are two types of privacy evaluations: Basic evaluations and full evaluations. Both type of evaluations have the same rating icons and use the same Privacy Ratings. Basic evaluations have basic overall scores which are a 34-point inspection of the most important privacy and security basic evaluation questions about a product. Full evaluations have full overall scores which are a 156-point inspection of all the comprehensive privacy and security full evaluation questions about a product.

Privacy Concern Scores

The second group of privacy direct data points relate to information about unique privacy evaluation concern categories of questions to help you quickly filter and sort products to meet your needs. Each concern is comprised of ten related evaluation questions that when combined together can be used to calculate a score for that particular privacy or security concern. The following data points comprise basic and full evaluation scores for each of the evaluation concerns. Also, you can navigate the evaluation concern questions used for all of the privacy direct concern data points and learn more about each question.

Full Evaluation Questions

The remainder of the privacy direct data points relate to answers to each of the full evaluation questions based on each of their possible answers with our evaluation framework that include:

  • "yes"

  • "no"

  • "better"

  • "worse"

  • "unclear"

  • "unanswered," because we did not evaluate that question.

Click below to learn more about this product and how to get started today!