Get Involved: Teachers and Parents

Educators and their school communities need quick access to privacy evaluations to help them make smart choices about the products they use in the classroom and at home.

With Common Sense privacy evaluations, it's easier to understand and confront privacy concerns with edtech applications before they start. Helpful summaries show how companies address safety, security, privacy, and compliance in their applications. These evaluations speed up the decision-making process so that educators, parents, and community members can find the most appropriate apps or websites to use with students in the classroom or with kids at home.

By releasing the framework that drives the work behind the privacy evaluations, we want to empower more people to make informed decisions, so that they can help prepare kids for the future today.

Educators can check privacy evaluations regularly to see how different products use and protect student data. They can also rely on our information security primer to help them test edtech apps for use in their classrooms or simulate real-life privacy scenarios in a STEM or STEAM curriculum with students.

Students can learn more about what it takes to keep their personal information secure online and share what they've learned at home with parents and caregivers.

Families can better understand the technology tools their kids are using and access resources for learning more about supporting safe and responsible technology use at home.

Researchers, reporters, and advocates can access open-source resources to contribute to evaluations, share findings, and help improve student data privacy and security.

You can also email us with any questions or feedback.