Standard Privacy Report

What’s an SPR?

The standard privacy report (SPR) displays all the privacy practices of a product's policies in a consistent easy-to-read outline like a nutrition label that can be compared to other products. The SPR indicates whether or not a product's policies disclose that they engage in each particular privacy practice and displays an alert icon when users should further investigate particular details prior to use. This alert icon indicates that the particular practice is risky or unclear. If a particular practice says "Did not evaluate" that means the practice is not included in our limited basic evaluation questions.

Click to see a Standard Privacy Report for a Privacy Evaluation Example of Better Practices with Pass Rating.

How Should We Use the SPR?

The SPR displays all of the findings from our 156-question full evaluation framework. The SPR also includes all the basic evaluation questions and is available for both a basic and full evaluation of a product. The SPR does not summarize a full evaluation, but rather provides answer statements to all of the full evaluation questions as well as all of the basic evaluation questions for easier comparison between products.

What Questions Does the SPR Cover?

The SPR is comprised of all the privacy evaluation questions with answers about the privacy and security practices of a product's privacy policies. You have several options for navigating these questions, and learning more about data privacy. You can view all of the SPR questions below with each of their possible answers that include: "does" engage in the practice, "does not" engage in the practice, is "transparent" or "non-transparent" about the practice, and "unanswered" because we did not evaluate that question. In addition, you can navigate all the full evaluation questions which include additional background information and relevant citations to help you understand each possible answer in the SPR. Lastly, evaluation questions that are basic evaluation questions are designated (BASIC).

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