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Updated May 31, 2019


  • Privacy policies are not available.
  • Site uses encryption.
  • Site forces the use of encryption.
The criteria for "Not Recommended For Use" measure whether or not a vendor has done the bare minimum to allow people to have even a rudimentary understanding about how the vendor protects user privacy. The four criteria here are all basics of sound privacy and security practice. Vendors who do not meet these basic requirements can potentially run afoul of state and federal privacy laws.

As with the "Use with Caution" criteria, a "Not Recommended" designation is NOT a sign that a vendor is necessarily doing anything unethical or illegal. It is a sign that, based on publicly available policies and observable security practices, their systems do not provide adequate guarantees that information stored in their systems will be protected.
Not Recommended
A basic privacy evaluation answers key questions about a product's policies covering issues of safety, privacy, security, and compliance.

Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder. However, audacity does not provide a sufficient privacy policy, terms of service, or any additional data use agreements available from any easily discoverable link on their website. Without being able to access and review a product’s privacy and security statements, we are not able to provide a privacy evaluation of the product at this time.

Audacity can be downloaded through its website. This evaluation only considers policies that have been made publicly available prior to an individual using the application or service.

About Privacy Evaluations

The privacy evaluations have been designed with the help and support of a consortium of schools and districts across the United States. These evaluations are designed to streamline making an informed decision about the potential privacy implications of educational technology used to support teaching and learning.

Our core evaluation criteria are freely available and will remain freely available. People are encouraged to read the questions we use and the information security primer we released. Vendors are encouraged to use our questions and the information security primer to self-evaluate. You can also learn more about our evaluation process.

Please be in touch with any questions or feedback.